Alli Goldberg and Jen Jamula met at Yale, so they're total assholes. They share a love of theater, tech, and men with beards. Okay, that last one is just Jen. Alli could go either way. They have two live shows together. Yeah: live, so that means you have to get up and go out to a theater with other humans to see it. #megaoldschool 


The first show is called Blogologues. In it, they take text word-for-word, typo-for-typo from the internet, and reimagine it as scenes with characters, story arcs, projections, music, and costumes. It's like Tosh.0, but more creative and less misogynistic. (And live, people.) So, like, they took a live-tweeted story (about 💩 #keepitclassy) and turned it into an opera. Or a Breitbart piece called "Birth Control Makes Women Unattractive and Crazy" became Jen & Alli hazing women in the audience while dressed as Catholic schoolgirls. Just FYI, you'll probably get pulled onstage at the show.


Their other live show is called How To Break Up By Text. In that, they take YOUR text break-ups and perform and analyze them on the spot, because you're the real asshole here. Alli & Jen are just the messengers. This show is a drinking game and also free therapy. 🙌


On the interwebs, they host a weekly podcast with The Daily Dot called 2 Girls 1 Podcast (get it?) where they interview people behind fascinating internet communities and phenomena, like ASMRtists, looners, and birds with arms. (They don't interview the birds themselves, but that would be really fun.) They made a web series hosted on Elizabeth Banks' called 2 Girls 1 Show (same joke, y'all), where they do real, unscripted interviews with people they meet on the internet (like bronies, sugar babies, and the Semenologist; yes, there's a semenologist out there), then go on scripted shenanigans together. And, most recently, they attempted to break world records held by men in Record BreakHers, a series they wrote and co-produced with Mashable and Facebook Watch.


In case you were wondering what else they do, they launched a festival in September 2016 that was sponsored by the NYC Mayor's Office of Tech & Innovation called No Text Weekend, where they encouraged people to talk instead of text. They also teach corporate workshops, but that's less relevant here.


Their style is irreverent, fresh, feminist, smart, and surprising, but mostly because they're writing this themselves and can therefore say they are whatever they want. But you, too, can be whatever you want, dear reader. They like forcing people to get comfortable with the uncomfortable, whether that's shedding light on things that are "weird" or bringing positivity to topics that can sometimes be taboo. Also, they think that we should talk to each other more. 

xo, Alli & Jen

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